After finding a great responsive lightbox solution, I kept using it time and time again on client projects. What this meant, was coding it into their website from scratch, time and time again.

I decided to build a plugin and submit it to the official WordPress Plugin Repository so others could also benefit from it

It is the first proper plugin that I have written and the only one I have publicly released (so far).

A bit about the plugin

The plugin is basic to use and basic in features. It uses the Magnific Popup lightbox solution created by Dmitry Semenov, and the official script can be found here:

Within the settings page for the plugin, you can choose to enable or disable it to work with single page/post images, the default WordPress Gallery and also WooCommerce product images.

Where can I get it?

It’s free to download and use, please feel free to report and bugs, leave a review or suggest some more features.


Please note that the original author of the script is building and when this is released, I will be removing my plugin from the repo.