Learning to play the Didgeridoo

So, for whatever reason, I decided to have a go at playing the Didgeridoo. I like the way it sounds and the fact that it’s such an ancient instrument so went ahead and bought a second hand one off eBay. I had to drive to Glastonbury to pick it up but it was a bargain!

The most difficult part so far for me has been learning to Circular Breathe. I can do the basic drone and use my mouth, tongue and vocals to make different sounds. When I learn to circular breathe, I will upload a video!

In the meantime, here are the 2 videos that have been helping me learn my breathing techniques.

New Website

I didn’t updated my previous website much which lead to me taking it down for some time. But, I’m back! I will regularly post certain ramblings on about things going on in my life, more than likely work related stuff.

Another website I am currently re-building is my business site; Inspired Worx Web Design. So look out for that sometime in the near future.